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QT 4.5 LGPL is Released

I've been waiting for the new QT 4.5 Release because it's going to have a LGPL license. This will let me use it with my commercial software, and not have to spend several thousand dollars.

I've used QT in the past, and have enjoyed it. It's a very nice library, and makes it very easy to build multi-platform applications.

This week, it was finally released. As a bonus, the activeqt component was also released (with a BSD license). Sadly, the Trolltech people didn't have it enabled in the build system. So, that was the first thing I had to do.

The .pro files in:

  • src\activeqt\container\container.pro
  • src\activeqt\control\control.pro
  • src\src.pro tools\tools.pro
  • tools\activeqt\activeqt.pro
  • tools\designer\src\plugins\plugins.pro all

must be modified to include activeqt (my lazy way was to just removed the checks from them).

The only other change that was needed was to modify:

  • src\corelib\global\qglobal.h

You must add the QT_MODULE_ACTIVEQT bitmask to the QT_EDITION_OPENSOURCE macro.  Then, configure and nmake.

Now that QT is out there, I don't think that I'll be using wxWidgets any more. Well, that is if pyQT moves to LGPL as well!

I'm also watching the qtnotnet project. They are working on .Net binding for QT via the (now open source) Jambi bindings. It will be interesting to see how well an IronPython application runs under Mono with a QT GUI.


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